Australian Nepalese Multicultural Centre (ANMC) INC trading as “Nepalese Community Centre” is a not-for-profit organization registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV). ANMC was established in 2014 with the sole objective of preserving and promoting rich Nepalese culture, and heritage in multicultural Australia. Originally promoted by Nepalese Association of Victoria and Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA), ANMC is now supported by all Nepalese community in Victoria.

ANMC’s model of community centre is unique as it will include a Hindu temple, Buddhist temple and a multipurpose hall. This will be implemented in a single location or via multiple locations within Victoria. The project will be completed in various stages.

Why we need curture center?

Nepal has more than 125 distinct ethnic groups with its diverse culture. ANMC aims to promote the culture of all those ethnic groups. Being one of the fastest growing community in Australia, we believe that Nepalese community can add significant value to the cultural diversity of Australian Society.

In summary, the cultural centre once established will serve the following purpose:

  • Place to showcase Nepalese culture and heritage
  • Place for social gathering and celebrating functions
  • Place of worship- Hindu and Buddhist temple
  • Information centre to help Nepalese Culture
  • Promote multiculturism and diversity in Victorian Society

How will ANMC achieve its goals?

ANMC will achieve this by the active participation of passionate volunteers, donors and members and working in partnership with the Government Department, Victorian Multicultural Commission, and other multicultural community groups. The financial resources required for the project will be managed via membership fees, donations and other fund-raising events within the community. As completion of the project will require multi-million dollars, we will seek financial support from the state and federal government.

Not for profit status

ANMC is a not-for-profit organization and anyone supporting the mission of the organization can become its members.

The constitution of ANMC provides clauses banning the distribution of any profit and net assets to its members. Under clause 6 of ANMC Constitution, the association must not distribute any surplus, income or assets directly or indirectly to its members.

Clause 76 of ANMC’s constitution bans the distribution of any surplus to its members in the event of its winding up. It clarifies that the surplus assets will be passed on to another charitable organization and will not be distributed to any members of either the original or substitute organization.

Governing body

The executive committee will be responsible for the overall management of ANMC. The committee is a team of volunteers who will be elected by its members in every two years. The Executive Committee will form various sub-committees/task forces in order to manage various tasks. The following sub-committees are actively working at the moment:

The Executive Committee will be supported by Patron and Advisory Board. The patrons are permanent members in this Board. One can become of the patron of ANMC based on their financial donation to the organisation (Currently the minimum threshold is AU$25,000).  Members of the Advisory Board are nominated by Executive Committee.

Current status of the project

In the year 2019, ANMC has bought a parcel of land (15 acres) at 100 Duncan’s Lane, Diggers Rest, VIC 3427.The land was bought by raising fund from the Australian Nepalese residing mainly in Victoria. ANMC conducted series of fund-raising events since its establishment and raised nearly $1.2 million till date.

We currently have a life member of 1,150(Approx.). Anyone who endorses to the mission and vision of the organisation can become its life member by paying $1,100 (Single) and $1,500(Family). Our immediate goal is to convert existing building and facilities at 100 Duncan Lane, Diggers Rest into the place of worship. We are working on the planning permit application in order to achieve this outcome.  Subject to the approval from Hume City Council, we will have a Hindu and Buddhist temple and small meditation hall by making minimum changes to the existing facilities.

How can you assist ANMC?

ANMC is the dream of Nepalese community in Victoria. It is the project aimed for our community and it will be achieved with the collective efforts of the community. There are various ways you can contribute to this project. Some of them include,

  • Becoming a general/life member
  • Offer one-off or regular donations
  • Giving place to promote ANMC in your community events/functions
  • Share your ideas, feedback, vision and talents with the ANMC team members
  • Offer your skills by becoming a volunteer
  • Encouraging community members to become a member of ANMC
  • Promoting ANMC amongst the new members of Nepalese community or beyond the territories

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