The Australian Nepalese Multicultural Centre (ANMC) has revealed its draft master plan for the development of its property in Diggers Rest, Victoria. The plan outlines the proposed facilities and amenities that will be established on the 15-acre land that ANMC acquired in 2019.

The draft master plan was prepared by a “Master Plan Drafting Committee” that was formed by the ANMC Executive Committee on the 24th of July 2021. The committee consists of five members: Ranjan Vaidya (Coordinator), Sunil Bhandari, Dr Tilak Pokharel, Darshana Pradhan and Raxachaya Shrestha.

The ANMC Executive Committee approved the draft master plan in principle on the 9th of August, 2023 and has decided to seek feedback from the community before finalizing it. The ANMC team will conduct extensive community consultations and incorporate community suggestions and feedback.

The ANMC invites all members of the community to participate in the community consultations and share their views on the draft master plan. The ANMC also welcomes feedback, comments and suggestions on the master plan via email at

Please let us know if you want to organize a consultation session in your area, your organization, or your group. We from ANMC will come and discuss the master plan with you.

The draft master plan can be downloaded from the link below:

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