1. Why do we need a Nepali Community Centre ?

The first and foremost reason for a dedicated Nepali Community Centre is to have a venue to provide service specific to Nepali community. Amenities required for life events and festivals of all ethnic groups of Nepal are not readily available.

2. Why do I need to be a member?

This is members based center.
Members are needed to fund and manage the center.
Greater number of paid members enables the center to access government grants and support.
Though being a member is a contribution to the community of today and future generations, members will get membership benefits such as discounted hall hiring fee, rights to set the policies and decide on how the center is run.

3. What is the timeline?

There are few phases as below:

Initial phase (2014):
Establish an appropriate structure, register the structure, develop a high level roadmap, financial forecast, initial study on govt support, establish fund raising model, establish conceptual design, establish site selection strategy  : Complete

Second phase: (2015/2016)

Raise fund, membership drive : Ongoing

Third phase: (end of 016 – mid  2017)

Acquire first site (permanent or temporary). Build first infrastructure.

Fourth phase: (Estimate 2019)

Acquire permanent site to build ultimate design

Final phase:

Build ultimate design

4. Can we do it? Have we done a feasibility study?

YES. WE CAN if Nepalese community is serious about helping the team who have volunteered their time to realize this dream.

High level feasibility study has been done. When it will be done depends on how quick Nepalese community act to support group volunteers working for ANMC.

5. What is the budget?

Detailed cash flow is available by contacting treasurer. This is best answered by talking to one of the volunteers.

6. Where is the site?

The site will be decided by the fee paying members. A site selection committee represented by minimum of two members from east west, north, south and central prepares site selection criteria and conduct site surveys. The final site is decided by fee paying members vote.

The interim site will be selected by site selection committee if a situation arise to acquire interim site.



7. What are the types of membership?

Life (Family) : $1500

Life (Individual) :$1100

General / Yearly – Family : $180

General / Yearly Individual: $100

8. How many members are we targeting?

We are aiming to have at much members as possible.

For the third phase of the project, we need at least 300 life members (family or individual).We already have … members. We strongly urge families who see themselves living in Victoria for a long term to get such membership. A group of volunteers comprising accountants, engineers and highly committed to community service have taken up the task to coordinate, hence it is a great opportunity for Nepalese community to utilize the volunteer’s service to realize the dream to have our own Nepali Community Center in Victoria.

9. What are the membership criteria?

This is open to all.

10. Can we get grants and have collaboration with state and local bodies?

We have already explored few avenues. We have consulted with some local councils (Moreland, Darebin …), government bodies (Victorian Multicultural Commission). We have plans to explore further. It appears the government and local councils will support only the members of the community contribute.

11. How do we ensure transparency and accountability?

We have policy to ensure transparency. Regular reporting to regulatory body and internal audit will ensure transparency. Current team include two accountants with good regulatory requirement on transparency.

12. Will regular updates be provided?

Yes. The regular update will be made available via:
–    Website (in progress)
–    Information sessions
–    Annual General Assembly
–    Direct phone or email enquiry to ANMC volunteers.

13. What is the contingency plan in case the center does not happen?

It is highly unlikely that the project will not be successful. The team is fully confident in delivering some form of infrastructure if ultimate design do not materialize. The infrastructure can be used as the basis for future attempt to complete ultimate design. In the event of project not going ahead, the fund raised will be kept to aid future attempt to build the center, because it is inevitable that a Nepali Community Centre needs to be built at a point of time.

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