Rajesh Acharya

Rajesh is a founding treasurer of ANMC and has been continuously serving ANMC in various capacities since its inception in 2014. With his 20 plus years of professional background as a Chartered Accountant, Rajesh has worked in banking, public practice, property development, Government Department and education sector. He is the founder and managing director of Blue Lotus College and Lotus smart Accountants Pty Ltd. Rajesh is highly passionate and committed to building a Nepalese cultural centre in Victoria. Migrated to Australia in 2007, Rajesh believes that having a Nepalese cultural centre will promote multiculturism and diversity in Australian society.   As a President, he is responsible for coordinating the tasks of various sub-committees managing community relationship, setting strategic direction, policy development, risk management, fundraising and overseeing the overall operation of the committee.

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